What's the process of a rewire?

A rewire is a dusty job! Firstly we recommend removing or protecting your belongings, even up to the loft space which we need access too. Carpets and some floorboards are lifted for access also. We will have a plan with you before we start where all your new electrics will be going or replacing the old so will have an idea of where we need to reach.
Rewires are a big job so its best to be prepared as much as possible. We will cut and chase channels into the walls to replace the wiring and add sockets and new light fittings.
Any rubble or mess created we will clean and remove, and can recommend plasterers and decorators when we finish too. Once complete we test and certificate all our work, NICEIC certification ensures it meets a safe and efficient standard.

What to expect

How long will it take?

The average rewire takes around 5-7 days.

Will the power be shut off?

At some points yes, but we will never leave you with no power at all.

How to Prepare

Clear as much furniture as possible, preferably into the middle of the room and cover with dust sheets. Pack all small belongings into boxes and clear spaces in the loft space for access.
We will need to lift some floor boards so lifting carpets will be necessary at certain points.
Doing as much of this before we arrive saves us time. Rewires are a messy job creating lots of dust and rubble. If you have any pets its probably wise to consider removing them from the property during the work.